Hull House

Haunted Hull House

Hull House as seen today.

Hull House was built in 1856 by Charles Hull as a shelter for struggling immigrants. It wasn't until 1913 that it earned its place in the supernatural hall of fame. It was then that a child known as the "Devil Baby" moved in. The child was born to a God-fearing Italian woman who unwisely married an atheist. As a punishment, their child was cursed to look like the devil: cloven hooves, scaled skin, horns, pointed ears and a tail. The couple tried to raise the child, but when it became unruly they brought it to Hull House and its patron, Jane Addams

Locals heard about the child and immediately demanded that Addams get rid of it. Addams denied its existence, but rumors persisted that she was hiding the child in the attic to protect it. Its existence was never proven, but for decades people have reported seeing a wild, beast-like creature peering out of the attic windows at them, especially the upper left window. Since the child has never aged, it may have died young buried somewhere on the property.

Ghostly monks in hooded robes have also been seen and photographed wondering around Hull House. Floating balls of light often wonder the grounds and float up and down the main staircase of the house and around the attic staircase.

Hull House is now a museum and is open to the public. Curators deny any knowledge of hauntings and paranormal activity at the house.

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