Information About Ghosts

The dream of every paranormal investigator is to get proof of a haunting. This usually means catching something on film. So this section of my site is dedicated to that goal as well as providing my visitors with same basic information about ghosts.

Here are some of the pages you may want to check out.

There is a Ghost Glossary that attempts to define some of the most commonly used terms connected with the paranormal. It's a great place to go if you don't know the difference between a succubus and an Incubus.

If you're into Ghost Photos then I've got several pages that you'll enjoy (and I'm always working on updating them. Probably my favorite place to go is the section on Famous Ghost Photos. In this section, I've posted some famous ghost photos and the information behind them.

I've also got a page that explains about Orbs

If you're more interested in the science of ghosts, you'll enjoy my page on Pareidolia, which explains why we are preprogrammed to see faces and familiar objects even if they aren't really there.

If you're trying to capture your own ghost, I've listed a few Photo Tips you may want to check out.

Last, but not least, I've listed some of the best Ghost Videos that can be found on YouTube. Of course, the best video has to be the clip of me on My Ghost Story which you can find here.