Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida

Spook Hill Lake Wales Florida

The Lake Wales Spook Hill has a great legend surrounding it. One that shows innovation and creativity (and doesn't have a bus load of children attached to it). It also goes to show that gravity hills are not a recent phenomenon, but much older.

The roadside sign explains the legend of Spook Hill as follows: Ages ago an Indian town on Lake Wailes was plagued with raids by a huge gator. The town's great warrior chief and the gator were killed in a final battle that created the huge swampy depression nearby. The chief was buried on its north side. Later Pioneer haulers coming from the old army trail atop the ridge found their horses laboring here….at the foot of the ridge…and called it spook hill. Is it the gator seeking revenge or the chief protecting his land?


Lake Wales is located about halfway between Tampa and Orlando on Interstate 4. It's gravity hill is easy to locate since it's marked by a huge sign. It is located on North Wales Drive off Highway 27.