Movies about Ghosts


Ghosts are a favorite subject for movie makers because they are so adaptable. They can do anything a normal actor can do plus disappear at random. While they are more commonly featured in horror movies, they also can be found in comedies and even children's movies.

When I started this page, I never realized how many movies there were about ghosts (my list is over 130 and I'm not even close to having them all). So, I've broken the list down into categories:

I made the distinction between "horror" and "drama" by looking at the tone of the movie. Horror movies tend to lean more towards blood, gore and fear. Drama is less about violence and more about emotions.

I'm slowly adding descriptions for the movies as well as links for locations where you can find the movies for sale. This takes time, so not all the movies are included (yet). I've also included a complete list of ghost movies. Right now, this list only features North American and European movies. I've left off most of the Japanese and other Asian movies about ghosts.