Songs about Ghosts

"(Ghost) Riders in the Sky"

This country song was written in 1948 by Stan Jones. It is about a cowboy who sees a vision of devilish cattle be driven across the sky by damned cowboys. The vision comes with a warning that if he does not change his ways, he will eventually join them. The song has been recorded by numerous people including Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, and Elvis Presley. The most famous (and probably favored) version is sung by Johnny Cash, a song he performed on The Muppet Show.

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"The Ghost Song"

This song fits into this category for two reasons. First, because it relates part of Jim Morrison's fascination with Native American spiritualism. Second, because the song, which is performed by Morrison, was recorded and released seven years after his death. It was the first of several new Doors songs that dubbed music to existing poetry recital tapes.

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This song probably seems cheesy to anyone who did not grow up in the 1980s. Like all popular songs of its era, it was played so often that it is almost despised (a fate shared by songs "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "My Heart Will Go On"). Still, it is instantly recognizeable the minute you hear the first few notes.

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Other Ghost Songs

Here is a list of a few other songs that talk about ghosts:

  1. "A Nightmare on My Street" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  2. "Ghost" by Michael Jackson
  3. "Ghost" by Pearl Jam
  4. "Ghost" by Phish
  5. "Ghost" by Neutral Milk Hotel
  6. "Ghost" by Cavo
  7. "Ghost" by Indigo Girls
  8. "Ghost Deini" by Ghostface Killah
  9. "Ghost of the Blues" by Piron's New Orleans Orchestra
  10. "Ghost On the Canvas" by Paul Westerberg
  11. "Ghost on the Highway" by Gun Club
  12. "Ghost Rider" by Suicide
  13. "Ghosts" by Fanfarlo
  14. "Ghosts I-IV" by Nine Inch Nails
  15. "Ghosts N' Goblins" by The Advantage
  16. "Girl and the Ghost" by KT Tunstall
  17. "Glass and the Ghost Children" by Smashing Pumpkins
  18. "Grey Ghost" by Henry Paul Band
  19. "Hank William's Ghost" by Darrell Scott
  20. "Holy Ghost" by Bar-Kays
  21. "Holy Ghost" by Alex Bradford
  22. "Home By The Sea" by Genesis
  23. "Is There a Ghost" by Band of Horses
  24. "Misguided Ghosts" by Paramore
  25. "My Ghost" by Glass Pear
  26. "NYC Ghosts & Flowers" by Sonic Youth
  27. "Phantom 309" by Ferlin Husky
  28. "Prophecy: Ghosts" by Albert Ayler
  29. "Rock 'N Roll Ghost" by The Replacements
  30. "Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner" by Warren Zevon
  31. "Sleeping with Ghosts" by Placebo
  32. "The Banshee" by Henry Cowell
  33. "The Ghost In You" by The Psychedelic Furs
  34. "The Ghost of Hank Williams" by The Revival Preachers
  35. "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by Bruce Springsteen
  36. "The Ghost of Tom Joad " by Rage Against the Machine
  37. "The Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance
  38. "The Ride" by David Allan Coe
  39. "This House is Haunted" by Alice Cooper
  40. "Trams of Old London" by Robyn Hitchcock
  41. "Walking With a Ghost" by Tegan and Sara