Ghost Photographs

Proving the existence of ghosts has been the goal of paranormal investigators for years. At first, proof was entirely first-hand accounts since there was no way to document any experiences. This changed in the 1800s when photography was invented.

I think the most difficult thing about ghost photography is the paradox. If a picture looks too good, people automatically believe it was faked. If the picture looks too blurry or vague, people assume that it is an example of pareidolia or wishful thinking.

This section will attempt to explain various aspects of ghost and spirit photography as well as provide some of the most compelling examples of ghost photography that has been presented over the years.

If you have a photography you'd like to present or have me look at, please feel free to email me a link to where you have posted it. Do not send the photograph as an attachment (it clogs up my inbox and I don't accept attachments from people I don't know).