Ghost Stories

Build your campfire and turn out the lights, its time for some really good ghost stories. Unlike some of my other pages, I've gone into more depth with these tales. They are among some of my favorite all time stories. I've tried to stick to the facts as much as I can and not embelish the stories, so be assured that what you're hearing is truth and not fantasy.

La Llorona

la llorona

La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, is an interesting combination of ghost story, folk tale and urban legend. Her tale is so strong, it's moved locations. I've included a list of some of the more well-known locations she has been seen.

The Greenbrier Ghost

The Greenbrier Ghost is one of my favorite stories. It's not scary, but it is true. It happens to be the only time a ghost has testified in court. Find out how a young woman came back from the dead to seek justice for her murder.

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave may be haunted, but many of the stories that are told there are based on a fictional story and not a real one. I've uncovered the truth and give all the details about it.

Gravity Hills

la llorona

Gravity Hills are also known as Spook Hills. They are spots where "ghostly hands" seem to push your car up hill. They are found all over the United States and always seem to have a tale of some tragic car or bus accident associated with them. I explain the truth behind them.

Crybaby Bridges

Similiar to Gravity Hills, Crybaby Bridges do a great job of using ghosts to explain what is most likely a natural phenomenon.