Gravity Hill in Sylacauga, Alabama

Sylacauga, Alabama is a small town of about 12,000 people in central Alabama. It is home to the large white marble deposit. The first document case of an object from outer space hitting a human being also occurred here. (No, it does not involve aliens). On November 30, 1954, an eight-pound meteorite crashed through a roof, bounced off a radio and hit a napping Mrs. Ann Hodges. Sylacauga is also home to a gravity hill.

Several theories abound as to what causes the phenomenon here.

The reality is that it is just an optical illusion. A surveyor check it out and found the hill has a 2 degree decline for about 75 feet followed by a 31 degree decline, which gives it the illusion of going uphill.


The gravity hill in Sylacauga is not hard to find since it's labeled "Gravity Hill Lane." If you need better directions, check out Google Maps on the right.

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