Ghost Videos

Go to YouTube and type in "ghost video" and you'll find a surprising number of videos that promote themselves as "real ghost videos." Most of them are hoaxes or shock videos (videos that set you up with a scare at the end).

A lot of ghost videos tend to be from security cameras. This seems to lend them a bit more credibility, when it actually makes them more likely to be something natural and not supernatural. A good example is this video below which was broadcast as a "ghost video."

Now see how easy it is to fake a similar image (although I think the original was actually an insect).

Weed those out, and you will find a few that are somewhat more authentic or interesting. Here are a few that I have found.

Gettysburg Ghosts

I've seeen this video featured on at least one paranormal program (in which I believe the experts decided it was a double exposure. Still, I think it is very interesting footage. It's hard to see at this resolution, but if you look toward the center of the screen you will see figures moving in the darkness. They appear to be soldiers moving along the hill--alhtough the people taping says there was no one there at the time.

Parking Structure Ghost

I've seen this video several times, although I don't recall exactly where the location was. If it is a hoax, it is a good one. I say that because it's very subtle (and hoaxes tend to go for the extreme).

Car Impound Ghost

If I had seen this video by itself, I would immediately consider it a hoax. However, what I find intriguing about this one is that it was deemed authentic enough to be covered by a local news station. Also, the woman seems credible. Judge for yourself.